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Robert Rose Fermentation Revolution – There are fads. There are things that come and go. And then there are things that should never have left and are just plain, old, good for you! Fermented foods is one of those things! And man, I’m so glad they’re back on the scene! Unfortunately, I have really come to enjoy them, in multiple forms – which means now I need to start making them myself!!

Good thing for me, there are plenty of books out there now, including a lovely one called “Fermentation Revolution” by Sébastien Bureau and David Côté. The cool thing about these two guys is that they also work at Rise Kombucha! I’ll give them a quick plug – they make THE best kombucha. Their Hibiscus & Rosehip Kombucha is the best ever! But back to the book. Given that these guys make kombucha in their spare time, is it any surprise that they also happen to have an interest in making other fermented foods?

This book starts with the basics. After all, if you’ve never done any fermenting, there are a few things you might need to know! There is an introduction to the different microorganisms, the different types of fermentation and the equipment that will come in very handy!

Then comes four different groupings of recipe. “Vegetables”, “Fruit, Sugar and Honey”, “Dairy and Nondairy Milks”, and “Grains & Legumes”. Not surprisingly, the vegetable section starts with the well known Sauerkraut! And guess what, other than extra spices for flavor, there are only two ingredients that are absolutely necessary – cabbage and salt! From there, there are recipes like Lacto-Fermented Root Vegetables, Pickled Cucumbers, and Classic Kimchi! I’ve always loved pickles – I really need to make some on my own! I’ve also seriously come to love kimchi, it adds a real nice kick to my morning eggs. Now wouldn’t it be great if I could make my kimchi just the way I want it? There’s even a recipe for Lacto-Fermented Corn on the Cob, which just sounds amazing! There are also Muscovite Garlic Scapes – not sure if you’ve ever had garlic scapes before but they’re superbly yummy and a great way to use up a piece of the garlic plant that might otherwise get thrown away! I have canned them before, but I’ve never fermented them, so I’m intrigued! Oh, and the Black Garlic? Sounds seriously yummy!

The next chapter also has some really neat sounding recipes! Take the Honey with Garlic, for example. They suggest using it in vinaigrettes or as a flu buster! It actually sounds kind of good? Of course, there are also recipes for Water Kefir (I rock at making water kefir! My kids love it!) and Kombucha – two other very common fermented items! Then there’s the Ginger Bug, which you can use to make your own Ginger Beer and Root Beer (recipes also included!)! Sounds yummy, right? Want to make your own Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar? Yup, there’s a recipe for that too!

In the Dairy and Nondairy section, you can find recipes for yogurt made from different bases, as well as Milk Kefir. There’s even Cashew Labneh with Za’atar – which sounds supremely cool, even if I don’t know what it is! Haha! However, the homemade cheese spread? That sounds gooooood!

The last chapter full of recipes is the “Grains & Legumes”. The first one up is Sourdough Starter – which is one thing I *have* succeeded in making – though I will confess that, while I totally passed at making one from scratch, I do kind of fail at keeping up with it! However, the sourdough bread I’ve made has been very well received (except for the time I doubled every ingredient but the salt!). There’s a recipe for Naan bread, as well, now that I could totally see making! The Country-Style Miche is, apparently, another name for sourdough bread that I had never heard before. Maybe you’d be interested in a Gluten-Free Sorghum and Hemp bread? Or recipes for Beer, or Braggot? There’s even Tempeh – which I’ve heard of, but have never tried – much less made! And there recipes for several other things that are way outside my comfort zone – like Sake, Koji and Amazake.

Now, since we might not all be fermentation gurus yet, the guys behind this book figured it might be good to also include a chapter on how to use some of these fermented goodies! So there’s Ketchup, made from Apple Cider Vinegar. And that Black Garlic? Yup, would you like it in a spread or a viniagrette? Or maybe Miso Soup? Or a Wild Mushroom Salad with Kombucha Vinaigrette. Sounds interesting! Or the one I have to mention just because it has such a unique name – Bibimbap! I may not have a clue what that one is – but the Roasted Cauliflower Tacos with Kimchi and Puréed Edemame sounds delish! Oh, and if that didn’t hook you, how about Lemon Confit Meringue Pie!?

Interested in a recipe?  How about Classic Kimchi – a great tasting side to your meals!

Classic Kimchi (Spicy Korean Sauerkraut)

“A meal without kimchi is not a meal,” says a Korean proverb. In Korea, it is rare to find a homewhere people don’t ferment their own kimchi, and family recipes are handed down from one generation to the next with great pride. There are as many variations on kimchi as there are homes in Korea. This version from our humble Montreal abodes has managed to win many hearts.”

I’m thrilled to now have this cookbook in my arsenal! And I really must go buy a couple items and get making kimchi because I’ve run out! Or maybe I should donate this book to my friend who has become addicted to making fermented foods and just keep taste testing for him!? Haha! Needless to say, if you’re interested in learning to ferment foods, this would be a great book to start with! The recipes are easy to follow, well laid out and there are tons of tips and options and ideas! Besides, if these guys make Rise Kombucha, the recipes have GOT to be good!

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