Jon Ward Death: Is Jon Ward Death?

 Jon Ward Death – A Northeast cheerleader who raised a lot of pounds for a great cause to stamp the RAF century, just a few days before the 100-mile race to help the Samaritans Is. Jon Ward was a regular participant in the Murray Road Runners and Elgin Park Run. He persuaded others to stay in shape and active.

Jon Ward finished 100 long distance runs to celebrate

The 34-year-old completed 100 long-distance races in 2018 to celebrate the Flight Corporation’s century and ran the entire NE250 course for the RAF Benevolent Fund and for the same reason a year ago. “He needed to run this 100 miles to challenge himself, so we’ll move on with that, when people finish their efforts.” Corporal Ward, originally from Hereford, and his partner proposed ending the original 100-mile Mori race today – setting automatic targets to finish it within 24 hours. Earlier this year, a former RAF Lassimouth serviceman, who worked as a coordination mover at the base, flew to Glasgow with his military support in the Army’s professional office.

As it turns out, he returned to his home near Mori base about a month ago and was running away with his comrades shortly before his death on Wednesday.

  • “There was nothing to recommend in the news.
  • “It’s just like a dream and we feel numb.
  • “He was remarkable and well-known. Our thoughts are with June’s family and friends and family.”
  • “He was generally so stable for each of us, independent of his routine. He was a big part of our job. He was a great teammate.

Individual lovers intend to move forward on the covenant and complete the course in his memory.

Before Mr. Ward’s death, a web-based Rising Support Page, full of gifts last evening, raised more than $ 5,000 for the Samaritans in total.

“It’s amazing,” said Gary Jenkins, director of Mori Road Runners.

“We ran away this week and he came out on Monday and Tuesday joking and joking with us.

Deputy Air Marshal Chris Elliot, controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund, included: “Jon was continually considering others and accomplished so much to help a good cause, including the RAF Benevolent Fund.

“His continued achievements were a sign of his confidence in doing everything possible to help his locality.

“I am sure everyone who knew him will miss him very much and we are grateful for all he did to help our foundation.”

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